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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Trend Watch: Ascot Tie

As a young man, you probably had someone teach you how to tie a variety of tie knots, from the four-in-hand to the full windsor, perhaps even a bow tie. The ascot? While seemingly a European trend, the most formal of ties designated for black tie weddings, or even associated with the slightest air of pretention ("are we dining on the yacht or in the mansion tonight?"), we are here to tell you that this fanciful feature is a classic twist we keep seeing pop up in modern ways. And guess what? We love it over here at 9tailors!

Take for example, the movie Seven Psychopaths, Christopher Walken's character, Carmichael, is hardly seen without an Ascot round his neck (and if you haven't seen the film yet, that's all I'm saying). But it looks effortlessly cool, providing a standout accessory that highlights his clever personality with just a touch of whimsy.

Courtesy of cinema-way.com

As you know, the ascot tie has been around for centuries. Widely popular in the early 19th century, its history is deeply rooted in formal wear, while some Englishman in the 1880's deferred to a more casual, loosely tied, daytime cravat.

Courtesy of askandyaboutclothing.com
The tricky part which is actually not tricky at all? Once you find where to buy an ascot (check out this incredibly awesome website, Ceravelo), you of course need to know how to tie it properly! See diagram below for instruction.

Step 1: Lay Ascot around neck.
Step 2: Cross right tail over left.
Step 3: Form a loose knot.
Step 4: Stick both tail ends into shirt, twist forward, then give the knot an extra pouf.
Step 5: Voila, there you have it! Not a fan of the tucked in look? Let it all hang out, like the young man below.

Courtesy of guerrisms.com

Still not convinced that it's a cool look? Don't want to invest in an ascot? Do you wear scarves? You can also tie it the Ascot way and represent like Mr. Pitt below. Try something different, we dare you.

Courtesy of amazonaws.com

Have a trend you're eyeing but still approach with trepidation? We vow to lead you in the right direction! Email a Style Consultant at info@9tailors.com and we'll let you know if your idea is a hit or miss, or how you can incorporate new trends into your wardrobe.

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