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Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to: Look Hot and Keep Warm

So, this week is frigid, right? How about this morning? It feels like the cold seeps into your bone marrow and just permeates throughout your body until you get indoors. Don't have gloves? Fuggedaboutit. Your hands are so numb that it's actually a concerted effort to do everyday things like open doors, hail a cab, send a text, make a call. Jam them digits in your pockets and sparingly remove only when necessary—red, frostbitten fingers kinda hurt and take time to thaw out.

Courtesy of National Weather Service
It's fairly serious when even newscasters are cautioning you not to go outside unless absolutely necessary, as has been customary of our local channels this week. And let's face it, gentlemen, a suit and overcoat can only offer so much warmth. To help keep you bundled, we recommend the following rules:

LAYER IT UP. Why not wear a cardigan under your jacket or blazer and over your shirt? Tuck the tie in and you actually look quite nice, handsome even. It's also office appropriate for those of you in a more professional dress code setting. Wear the jacket to the meetings with your higher-up executives and clients, slip it off when you're roaming around with co-workers. And what's more? People have been rocking this preppy look all over the place lately. Our contention? Looks hot and keeps you warm.

Courtesy of StyleBistro.com

Courtesy of  trashness.com
INVEST IN A SCARF. I know, some of you think scarves are lame or unnecessary. And if you aren't from New England or have never experienced a winter in MA, you may not understand the benefits of scarves. They work well at keeping your neck and ears warm, say, if you don't want to mess with your 'do, yo. Hats will ruin a nice hair cut, so why not wrap a scarf around yourself and protect your ears from the harsh winds? Or, get some ear muffs. If you are into scarves, we applaud you for being stylish and smart. Looks hot and keeps you warm.

Courtesy of New York Times
GET A HAT, SON. If you aren't worried about your hair, then the best defense against the cold is a hat. Enough said. The right hat? We leave it up to you and your steez, whatever looks hot and keeps you warm.

courtesy of StyleBistro.com

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