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Friday, January 25, 2013

Spring Trends 2013 for the Everyday Man Part 1

The fanciest fashionista, Derek Zoolander, courtesy of benstiller.net
So, maybe you're not a super fashion savvy dude (although your girlfriend/wife/partner might wish you were). And hey, that's fine if you don't follow the trends or want to leave your comfort zone, we completely sympathize with streamlining classic looks. Man strolling the runway in couture designs doesn't always translate to man strolling the street in whatever he feels like. Boston is definitely no Paris.

Our main goal here at 9tailors is to capture the essence of you and your personality and translate it into suits, shirts, and suit separates that do three things: keep you comfortable, flatter your body type, and well, look GOOD. We pay close attention to modern trends that unfold and subtly introduce them, but if you are going for a classic look, then we wholeheartedly hear that and raise you one better. Ultimately, we identify what your personal style represents about you and guide you towards fabrics and patterns you like.

Spring Trends in 2013 that we think anyone can pull off. Keep in mind, maybe it's just one garment or accent you add to complete your whole outfit.

Military Style
This does not mean cargo shorts! However, go for jackets with a nicely snug fit, clean lines, and buttons. Also, camouflage is okay, only in the brown, army green, beige varieties; not blue, not black, not orange or any other crazy color. Bomber military jackets? Check. See styles from Hentsch Man  and Tom Ford below:

Lest we forget. The only men and women who should be wearing full on fatigues are our wonderful veterans and our dedicated soldiers in active combat, thank you for all that you do for us!!!

Floral Paisley Accents
Some of you would never imagine putting flowers on your tux. We get it. But what about in the form a pocket square? What about on the inside of your jacket?

Don't be afraid of it. Embrace it, love it, WEAR IT. You don't have to do a full on suit like the guys below, but add an accent piece to make your outfit pop.

courtesy of StyleBoston.com
Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2013
Not sure what the new trends are? Not sure if you want to incorporate trends at all but establish a look that's all you? Email a Style Consultant at info@9tailors.com.

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