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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Trends 2013 for the Everyday Man Part 2

 It's SPRING, don't let the weather fool you! So we are talking Spring trends for men and willing the temperatures to rise and the snow to melt. Many regard runway couture as too outlandish or crazy for the everyday man, whilst seemingly perfect for tall, lanky models strutting down the runway. Obviously, the eccentric and imaginative ensembles that designers dream up are less than practical. However, we can all learn something from the geniuses behind couture. You have to appreciate the value, imagination, and artistic vision behind runway looks. These designers set the trends for what's new, they breathe fresh air into each season, and more importantly, they get us excited about innovation! Fashion is art after all.

Here at 9tailors, our clientele ranges from the Financial District's businessman to the fashion-forward creative executive, from the nervous groom with a specific vision to the woman who wants the perfect menswear-inspired getup for her nuptials. We often look to the hottest trends for inspiration and see how we can combine our expertise, classic aspects of suiting, and your style sense into one cohesive look. In addendum to our post about Spring trends back in January, we wanted to give you more of whatcha been asking for!  Click here to see GQ's Spring Trend Report. We've highlighted those pertinent to our cause below.

Orange? Blue? Brown? Time to emerge from your navy/black/charcoal safety net and expand your horizons to some other hues in the rainbow. Don't be afraid! If you're not feeling a full suit in a brighter, bolder, color, why not try a sports coat? We're having a sale at 20% off blazers all through March!

Read our thoughts on the double breasted look here. We love it,  really, we do!
Courtesy of danchiz.com

Linen and cotton are wonderful fabrics for Spring.  Again, we recommend you obtain at least a light weight blazer if you're not digging a full suit. Breathable, comfortable for warmer temps. Put off by the wrinkles? Honestly, it's not that bad and somewhat "in" right now. Oh yeah, did I mention our SALE through March?

9tailors Client, Patrick, pictured in linen jacket and cotton pants

Most of you only come to us for dress shirts, but we do casual shirts, too! We have prints available in cotton-poly blends and 100% cotton. For Spring, we recommend cotton to help with those who run hot. 


Courtesy of GQ
According to GQ:
"Some people want to label these colors pastels, but they're not. The faded, chalky hues are part of a dusty color trend we've seen all over the market, from denim houses to esteemed Italian brands, that make the boldest hues look washed and well-loved. What's more, the bleached colors look their best when layered together, so mix and match at will."


You slip 'em on, you slide 'em off. Easy, Peasy, Fo Sheezy. Goes well with shorts, slacks, jeans, or a full suit. We especially dig the tassles for some added panache.

Courtesy of GQ


Don't forget, we have some accessories to purchase here at the studio. Our friend, JegMan, is ahead of the times here, designing small print ties last season!

Keen on the trends? Don't have a clue what you want? Whatever the case, we are here to  help you design garments you can feel comfortable in and look awesome wearing. Email a Style Consultant at info@9tailors.com.

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