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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Meet Stuart and Kate!

What are your names? 
Stuart Terrett and Kate Gasaway 

When and where was the big day? 
14 April 2013, Savannah, GA 

How was the weather?
Overcast; 60s; held indoors 

Why did you decide to go with 9tailors on your own custom design? 
I wanted something that would actually fit, and I wanted something that is harder to find off the shelf. Knowing that picking something and having it altered would be as much work as simply having it made, and being able to get a matching jacket and have a suit afterwards tipped the equation. 

Describe your 9tailors experience and items. 
It was great - I spent 45 minutes picking out fabrics and getting measured. Then I was done! Kate spent 8 hours trudging from bridal shop to bridal shop trying on dresses with clips holding them together. I definitely had the better deal. 

What was the best part of your wedding day? 
The best part of the wedding weekend was before the wedding day when I got to hang out with the members of the wedding party. They're what made the whole experience fun. 

What is your advice to other wedding couples thinking about designing custom suits or shirts? 
Do it. It's easy, they'll fit perfectly, and the math is pretty simple - getting something off the rack and having it altered is just as expensive and won't be as good. 

Choose your favorite photo and tell us why.
Probably the one of me picking her up. It was fun.

*All photos courtesy of Callie Beale Photography

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