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Friday, June 14, 2013

Introducing Paxton 1345!

Looking for a good Father's Day gift? Well, take a gander at the boxer collection of Paxton 1345! Founder, Erin Cormier, "updated  the 'traditional' full-cut American boxers for guys, making them more streamlined, flattering and with luxurious shirting fabrics." Once we met Erin, we knew we had to introduce her to our clients! Read below for more information on Erin and Paxton 1345. 

What is your full company name?
Paxton 1345 
Paxton Apparel LLC 
276 Washington St, #358 
Boston, MA 

What was your inspiration? How did you get involved in fashion?
"I have always had a strong interest in fashion and art. From a very young age, I  used my creative insights while participating in drawing contests and taking art history classes, even making tee shirts for fun. I soon realized my true passion, the fashion industry, was right there in front of me my whole life! After having kids and raising a family, my three daughters inspired me to create boxer shorts that are fun, hip, and flattering. I hope to showcase Paxton 1345 items as lounge-wear, as well as street-wear."

How do you define style? What's your best fashion advice?
"Personally, I feel [clothing] style is a reflection of one's personality, interests and comfort. Choosing colors and fabrics that look good and flatter your body type are most appealing. I love bright colors so I tend to gravitate toward bright pinks, oranges and blues. However, black and charcoal are such great base colors that mix so well with other hues. My fashion advice? Invest in a few nice fitted shirts, pants or skirts, fabulous shoes or heels and you will feel good anywhere you go!"

What made you want to partner with 9tailors? 
"I am so inspired by women entrepreneurs, like Samantha Shih (CEO of 9tailors). In this day and age, women are still not getting the full credit they deserve in the business world. Women are both strong and empowering and I can only hope to grow and learn more from our collaboration. Also, the fact that we are both local Boston-based businesses is extremely exciting. I believe Boston designers are equally as qualified as anyone from fashion capitals like New York or Los Angeles. Originating my business in the same area where I grew up also ignites the fire in my passion even more."

What is your favorite 9tailors item? 
"I love their custom tailored shirts! I am a huge fan of fitted clothes and there is nothing better than a shirt or a suit that is made for your special fit."

Thanks, Erin! Paxton 1345's cozy line of comfy-ness will soon be available here in the 9tailors studio, stay tuned for updates on their arrivals!

Interested? Email a Style Consultant at info@9tailors.com to set up a consultation and see the selection we have in our studio or visit paxton1345 directly to place your order today!

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