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Friday, June 28, 2013

A Stroke of Fashion Genius

The thought of athletes and fashion together often causes onlookers to scratch their heads (I'm looking at you EPSYs). There are, however, a few stylish exceptions, of course (Tavon, Sergio, Taylor, etc.).

Believe it or not the worlds of sports and fashion are steeped in tradition. From footwear to apparel, it's hard to miss the connection between the two. Golf has its iconic Masters Green Blazers and basketball has its unmistakable Air Jordans. For the world of rowing, it's the traditional boating blazer

When we heard that the Northeastern Men's team had an opportunity to race among rowing's elite at the Henley Royal Regatta, we jumped at the opportunity (You see, I'm a former coxswain). See a scene from the movie, Social Network, below to get a flavor of this prestigious race.

Together with the help of the coaching staff and school administration, we designed the blazers in the university's colors (red, white and black). Not only were the blazers custom designed to suit the university's colors and style, but also the blazers needed to be tailored. You see, most of the rowers from this boathouse are well above 6'2".

This blazer features piping in the traditional grosgrain material. It's sewn on the sleeves and on the lapels. The club's badge is prominently displayed on the left breast pocket. One of my favorite sartorial choices are the authentic Henley Royal Regatta metal buttons.

Surely, the Northeastern team will fit right in! After all, proper attire is mandatory at this event. 

Best of luck to Northeastern! Pull hard and fast! 

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