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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Menswear for Women? But, of course!

Pictured: Meghan McQueeney (left), Boo Weintraub (right)
Here at 9tailors, we aim to help our clients create unique, personalized garments that fit any body type. Our Style Consultants take the utmost pride in working with anyone: no matter size, shape, or gender. We thrive on producing well-fitted, tailor-made, exquisite and personalized pieces. What we enjoy  most? Helping our clients discover their inner designer so they may brainstorm outfits that make them feel confident and look fantastic. 

As our business has consistently grown over the past couple years (and continues to expand), we've worked with many women on menswear-inspired suiting, particularly for same-sex weddings. The more couples we work with, the more we have come to learn the difficulties and frustrations of women seeking menswear-inspired suits. Ladies, we hear you! To gain a little more perspective, we asked two of our loyal female clients their thoughts about custom design, the hunt for finding menswear inspired suiting, and what they think of the 9tailors operation. Meghan McQueeney came to us last year for her wedding suit (see her above on the left and her amazing pictures below!) and also referred her good friend, Boo Weintraub, (pictured above on the right) to our services.  

As a woman looking for menswear inspired fashion made for a woman's shape, how would rate the difficulty?Why do you think it so hard to find?
MEGHAN: "It is very difficult to find. I think the biggest problem is that people either: a) don't understand the request; b) think that creating a men's style suit for a female body is drastically different than creating one for a male body (despite the fact that many men have bigger hips and chest than I do); c) they think that women shouldn't be wearing men's styles."

BOO: "It is extremely hard to find a suit that fits properly, especially for people who are on the shorter side."

Tell us a little bit about your experience researching for your ideal suit design.
What problems hindered you the most?
MEGHAN: "The biggest problems are that men's suits off-the-rack are enormous for my frame/body type. Brooks Brothers boys has worked well for me in the past, but the shopping experience can feel embarrassing. The other problem I have faced is from custom made suit sellers who tell me flat out that they don't make women's suits."

BOO: "I am too small to wear men's suits, and boys' suits often use cheesy material or offer little in the way of design."

How did you hear about 9tailors?
MEGHAN: "I heard about 9tailors from a friend who either bought a Groupon or a LivingSocial deal."

BOO: "...from Meghan McQueeney when she went there to buy her wedding suit."

Please describe your experience at 9tailors.
MEGHAN: "Overall, I had a very positive experience. There were a few minor hiccups around shirt style, but other than that, Alex knew to ask what I wanted for every detail. She was very accommodating, friendly, etc. I really felt like she wanted to help me look my best. I will definitely be going back for future suiting/dress shirt needs."

BOO: "Excellent. The staff never batted an eye when I said I wanted a men's suit. Original suit and later tailoring were always very timely."

What are your thoughts on custom design?
MEGHAN: "I love it! For me, in the end, it is only slightly more expensive than buying something off the rack and getting it altered. But the satisfaction is much much higher. It is a more intimate, shared, experience, where you can get what you want.

"I think the biggest takeaway for a custom design clothing company (or any custom design company) is to listen to what your client wants, ask lots of questions, give options, and don't assume you know what they want even for what seem the smallest details."

BOO: "It's great because I get exactly what I want and don't have to settle for features that are too feminine."

What is your advice to women in a similar situation facing this particular predicament?
MEGHAN: "Talk to your friends, know that you are not alone, and don't settle! Try not to get discouraged by a bad experience. There are stores/services out there that will cater to folks looking for a specific style."

BOO: "Go to 9tailors! It is worth the extra expense to get a suit that you will feel entirely comfortable in and the experience of buying a suit from people who do not treat you like you're doing something wrong is priceless."

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, Boo and Meghan! See below for more pictures of Meghan's wedding!

Are you a lady looking for a menswear-inspired suit? Come check us out! There is no obligation to purchase at a consultation, but you may come by and see what we have to offer! Email a Style Consultant at info@9tailors.com for more details!

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