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Thursday, September 19, 2013


In early 2013, we met the Bad Rabbits and discussed a design collaboration with the chart-topping band.  After brainstorming everything from inspiration to color to each gent's individual preference, we set upon a mission of style. True to 9tailors form, we wanted to highlight the personalities of each band member whilst introducing  classic looks and new trends alike. The result? My personal favorite project to date. With one-of-a-kind accessories from our friends at Salmagundi, Bobby From Boston, and KarmaLoop, we conjured up some fly, unique, well-fitted ensembles that screamed originality.

See the pictures from the Bad Rabbits photo shoot with our highly esteemed photographer, Channing Johnson, at the incredible House of Blues' Foundation Room. The entire space, with its hidden nooks and crannies of lush funkiness, was the perfect backdrop to the vibe and theme we intended to capture. After the shoot, BR debuted their 9tailors duds on Jimmy Kimmel Live! All in all, we couldn't have had a better time working with this group and are beyond thrilled with how everything turned out. 

Read on for more information about Bad Rabbits. You can also catch them live on Arsenio Hall, September 24 on CBS.

Left to Right: RP Thompson, Santi Araujo, Fredua Boakye, Sheel Dave, Salim Akram, and Graham Masser

How long have you all been playing together?
"Five years as Bad Rabbits but we've all played together around ten years."

What/Who inspires your sound?
"We could list our influences all day but some of the big ones are Michael Jackson, Deftones, Prince, Earth Wind and Fire, Glassjaw, At the Drive In, Teddy Riley, Rick James, James Fauntleroy, Sly Stone, Pharrell Williams, our band-mates, our friends, family, culture, and peers."

"We also inspire each other. Each of us has a distinct musical palette and we are constantly introducing each other to new music and pushing each other creatively."

What's the most pivotal/favorite moment for Bad Rabbits this year?
"Being on Jimmy Kimmel Live performing "Can't Fool Me" from our American Love album. It was a surreal experience and something we will always remember."

How would you say your style of dress embodies your style of music?
"Our cultural and ethnic backgrounds are totally different so that plays into our eclectic musical style as well as how we dress. We each have very broad and different tastes when it comes to music and depending on the setting, we can dress it up in our 9tailors suits or go with a t-shirt and a pair of chucks. We say stay simple, not too over-the-top, modest, classy, 'in the pocket.'"

What did you like best about working with 9tailors?
"Everyone is super nice, relaxed, creative and willing to partner with like-minded brands, businesses, artists, and athletes. Their attention to detail in being able to hone in each persons taste to create a garment that fit their persona."

What's up next for the Bad Rabbits?
"We just released our album American Love and finished our first headlining tour supporting that. We are going to continue writing music and head over to Europe in 2014."

Hats off to Salmagundi.
Vintage Ties from Bobby from Boston

Vintage suspenders from Bobby from Boston

Huge thank yous and shout outs to Jessen and his crew at Salmagundi, the fellas at Bobby From Boston warehouse, KarmaLoop for providing the shoes, the always lovely Channing Johnson, and the management team behind the Foundation Room.  

Stay tuned to the blog this week for personal profiles of each band member.

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