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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Meet Brandon: Our Dashing Groom in Midnight Blue

Meet Brandon. Brandon recently got married earlier this year and we wanted to share his beautiful photos with you! 

Name: Brandon
Age: 30 
Hometown: Stoughton, MA
Current Residence: Boston, MA
Occupation: Financial Analyst

Why choose custom?
The fit is unmatched. If you are fairly thin with broad shoulders then finding clothes at a department store that fits is nearly impossible. Even those that claim to be "slim fit" still look boxy. Going custom means the suit or shirt is made to measurement to fit your body. The icing on the cake is the customization. There are so nearly unlimited fabrics, colors and details that you can personalize to your own taste and make your item truly unique.

What would be your style advice to men in your professional field?

Proper fitting shirts and suits can change your whole appearance. People take notice when someone puts the time and thought into presenting themselves well. The whole point of formal and even business casual attire is to look professional. If you are wearing clothes that doesn't fit you properly then you really don't project the professional image that was intended whether to outside clients or colleagues.

What/who inspires your style? Why?

For my wedding, the inspiration to my custom tuxedo was certainly James Bond. Specifically, Daniel Craig in Skyfall wore a midnight blue tuxedo that I borrowed from heavily. I wanted a formal formal look without appearing too stuffy and 9tailors nailed it!

What is your favorite piece from 9tailors?

The midnight blue tuxedo is phenomenal. I had a vision in my head and it came out even better than I could have imagined. For everyday use though, I have a gray herringbone tweed sport coat that is my go to jacket in the fall. The fit is great and there is lavender accenting under the lapel.

How difficult is it to find garments that targets your specific needs and style?

Very. The reality is everyone's body is different so trying to find something fits your personal style AND fits your body is nearly impossible. Truly like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Location: Artist for Humanity
Photograher: Abby Lorenz Photography

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Need a midnight blue tuxedo or traditional black tuxedo for your next black tie event? Email us at info@9tailors.com

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