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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Movember, Have You Started?

source: neatorama.com

No Shave November, Movember, for beards or for moustaches. Pick which ever suits your fancy, either way; November has officially been taken over by facial hair and for a good cause or two. Both have a slightly different set of rules, goals and causes in mind, either way; you cannot shave.

Movember is all about the moustache. You must start off with a clean face. So if you haven’t shaved yet, shave now, you’re a day late. The purpose is to raise funds for men’s health. Women had October and now the Men have November. Men’s health includes raising funds for prostate cancer, testicular cancer and supporting mental health. You can of course do this independently but to help fight the good fight, go to http://us.movemeber.com to registrar and learn more. Moustaches only, no beards allowed. 

Nick Offerman has also offered his services to mademan.com to create an instructional video on how to grow a moustache for Movember.

No Shave November is all about the beards and growing as much hair as you can. Men who participate in No Shave November tend to keep their beards at least through December as well. They use the time in November to grow the beard and December to trim or style it. The purpose of No Shave November is a more independently driven fundraiser by each participant. If you choose to raise funds in the No Shave November route, you must find your own charity rather than registrar like the Movember movement, depending on what charity you choose. 

Take a look at The World Beard Championships for some inspiration for mustaches and beards alike. 

source: world beard championships

source: mirror.co.uk

Besides, facial hair can be a great accessory to suits if you're not ready to try out the pocket square or tie bar. It will always be a classic look and there's just something about a man with facial hair in a suit that has the perfect balance of sophistication and rugged masculinity.

source: artofmanliness.com
Clark Gable

source: journalfen.net
Freddie Mercury

source: makefive.com
"Stay Classy" - Ron Burgundy

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