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Monday, November 4, 2013

Movember: Mustaches For Your Suit!

Can't grow your own mustache? No problem! Tsaiclips allow you to wear a 'stache on your tie without the month long commitment in honor of Movember

available in silver, gold and gunmetal

Whether or not you think mustaches are too much of a hipster trend and needs to die down or if you think a man's face should never be naked for too long, they are here to stay; at least for the months of November to come. 

The origin of the mustache trend is not entirely clear. Some think it's from PETA's "Grow Your Own Fur" campaign in 2010. Others believe it began when Movember officially began in 2003. Those who kept the 'stache past November and did not grow it into a winter beard became an "ironic hipster". Thusly the sprouting of the mustache trend by putting a 'stache on everything or making products in the shape of mustaches, particularly the handlebar mustache.
source: fredflare

source: fredflare

The good news? (Yes, there is good news about the mustache trend) It raises awareness for men's health. Buy a mustache tie clip, wear it with pride and show your support with class and not in an ironic hipster way but as a proud adult who knows how to tie their own tie. Even better? Women can wear it too. 

Interested in our mustache tie clips by tsaiclip? Email us at customerservice@9tailors.com

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