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Thursday, December 19, 2013

oOotie's Bow Tying Event Tonight!

oOotie is not only fashionably forward with it's quirky designs but is generous. 10% of their net sales go to multiple charities based on the design. Their core collection go towards scholarships in technical fields like science and math. Their donations this past year included the One Fund program to aide the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing and Push America, a program geared towards those with disabilities. 

Help them support their many causes and help yourself learn how to tie a bow tie. Join us tonight at our bow tie tying workshop from 5 - 8 PM in our Boston Showroom. 
24 School St
Suite 500
*2 bow ties will be given away during the event
*$25 off your next purchase of a custom shirt

source: oootie
Bow ties used to be thought of as something old fashioned and only the elder generation would wear as nostalgia from their prime. It was thought to only be seen during very formal black tie affairs, on scientists and professors. Now bow ties are sliding back into the spotlight and making a statement. A man who wears a bow tie now is distinguished and confident. It's not every man walking down the street that can throw on a bow tie over a button down and call it a day. It takes coordination and flare. Mixing and matching a bold pattern around your neck with the rest of your outfit takes coordination. Our style consultant, Karly, has created a cheat-sheet for those attending our event. 

Bow ties received a major push towards mainstream with the help of Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z when they paired up for their tours this past year. Don't let a bow tie be one of your problems. 
source: werdplai 

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