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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Types of Bow Ties

Bow ties have come back into fashion just like the pocket square, only it more in the direction of quirky. From skull and crossbones, dinosaurs and owls to polka dots, stripes and paisley, they are popping up in casual wear to formal wear. No matter the pattern you choose or lack there of, they make the wearer look dapper and ever so smooth. 

Source: GQ
Harry Shum Jr dancing around in a tweed suit, keeping it colorful with contrasting socks, vest and pocket square. He keeps his bow tie and shoes matching his suit to keep everything well balanced. As goofy as his sweater vest may be, he looks sharp; not to mention incredibly festive. 8 more days until Christmas! 

There are three basic shapes to a bow tie : The Bat-Wing, The Butterfly and The Diamond Point

source: jamieleeeventplanning

The bat-wing bow tie, also known as a "thistle" bow tie, is the most basic bow tie to start yourself off with. It doesn't draw too much attention is proportional to itself. It can come in different widths to make it particularly understated or just the right amount of class. Its slim appearance gives it a modern notion, especially paired with your European or Super Slim suit. 

source: lifestylemirror
Sean Connery in a bat-wing bow tie as the ever classic, James Bond
"Make Way For Ducklings" Bat-Wing Bow Tie by oOotie

The butterfly bow tie makes it easy for first time-tiers to learn. Its shape gives guidance for where the knot should go and how much to fold to create the classic bow. The butterfly bow tie balances out the bold patterns or colors with its classic shape. If you want to have fun with a bow tie pattern but are feeling hesitant about being too bold, go for the butterfly. 

source: popularmechanics
Bill Nye the Science Guy always wears a butterfly bow tie and has fun with them, even to this day! 
"Dinosaur V4.0" Butterfly Bow Tie by oOotie

The diamond pointed bow tie is a hybrid between the butterfly and the bat-wing bow tie. It creates an asymmetrical look to keep things fresh if you wear a bow tie often. This bow tie makes a statement no matter what pattern or color you wear it in. 

source: GQ
Swizz Beatz making his outfit a touch classier with his bow tie but keeping it casual and light-hearted with the plaid, diamond shape. 
"Fixie Bike" Diamond Point Bow Tie by oOotie

Don't forget, even if you don't tie your bow tie, you look very good with it draping around your neck. 
source: pinterest
Idris Elba
Don't know how to tie a bow tie? No Problem!

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