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Friday, December 13, 2013

9tailors Holiday Gift Guide

This is pretty much the last weekend to do your holiday gift shopping. Christmas is about a week and a half away. Sales are passing by and quantities are becoming limited. Lucky for you, our 20% off purchases over $150 promotion goes until December 26th and our Holiday Male Box gets you 10% off 9tailors accessories and custom shirt gift cards*restrictions apply until the end of the year. 

Our holiday gift guide is for those who are looking to buy men's suiting accessories to help build up your man's wardrobe to become a tad bit more dapper. If you get him a tie, don't just get him a tie. Get him a tie and a tie-holder. This will show that you thought about the gift a little more rather than just grabbing a tie that you hope he likes but also help keep the tie in place during his day. If you get him a bow tie, pair it with a pocket square or knotted cuff links. Knotted cuff links are the perfect starter cuff links for someone who isn't entirely sure of them. They are casual yet styled and the best part is that they are inexpensive. They come in array of colors to match up with their colored shoe laces or shirts. 

Classic and Conservative, Black & White
9tailors accessories, clockwise: bow tie $35.00, knotted cuff links $9.00, silk pocket squares $35.00

Santa's Stocking Stuffers Red
Moving Left to Right: jegman "power tie" $35.00 paired with 9tailors tie-holder $12.00 for 2,
9tailors linen and cotton pocket squares $35.00, 9tailors knotted cuff links $9.00, 9tailors red-colored shoelaces $5.00

Grinch Green
Moving Clockwise, Everett "duke" bow tie $68.00, Everett tweed neck tie $68.00, 9tailors silk pocket square $35.00,
9tailors green-colored shoelaces $5.00, 9tailors knotted cuff links $9.00

Candied Cake Purple
Moving Clockwise: 9tailors silk and cotton pocket squares $35.00, OoOtie bow tie $49.00,
9tailors purple-colored shoelaces $5.00, 9tailors knotted cuff links $9.00 , 9tailors tie holder $12.00 for 2

Snowflake Blue
Moving from Left to Right, Top to Bottom: 9tailors silk pocket squares & linen pocket square with custom embroidery $40.00 each
9tailors knotted cufflinks $9.00 , 9tailors tie holders $12.00 for 2, 9tailors navy-colored shoelaces $5.00

Golden Yellow
Moving Clockwise: 9tailors silk pocket squares $35.00, 9tailors knotted cuff links $9.00,
Everett neck tie $68.00, Tsaiclip mustache tie bar $12 for 2

Interested in an item above or help putting together an accessories kit? Contact us at info@9tailors.com

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