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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Our Custom Winter Coat Collection is Here! Meet the Style Consultants Behind It, Ellen & Alex

Baby, it's snowing outside and Mother Nature has stopped gifting and confusing us with random warm days. Winter is here with snow and holiday cheer! Bundle up with layers and winter outerwear without looking like a giant marshmallow. 

Randy in A Christmas Story looking like a human marshmallow
Our Men's Outerwear Collection will keep you looking like a sophisticated adult while keeping you warm, and as always, is entirely custom-made to your personality. 

The collection was put together by two of our style consultants, Ellen and Alex. They each played a large role in deciding the customized details, what parts of the coats can be customized and putting together the beautiful samples you see in our studio. With three different samples available for viewing pleasures and trying-on purposes, you can decide if you'd like a casual coat, an every day work coat or a formal coat for your black tie events. 

Alex is standing with her sample favorite, the Brown Mid-Length coat with contrast lining.
Taylor Twellman approves (photograph on the wall, modeling a 9tailors custom trench coat).
Tie by Jegman
Alex, Studio Manager & Style Consultant. 

Hailing from New Hampshire, Alex travels down to the city of Boston on a weekly basis for the love of 9tailors - and her clients ;) You know who you are. Her affair with the company started three years ago after graduating from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a Fashion Degree, so you know you're in good hands. 

She continues her passion in her free time and for 9tailors. As studio manager, Alex ensures all of the orders goes smoothly and in a timely fashion, she keeps the wheels well oiled. She chose the fabric and designs for each of the sample coats in our studio. Alex picked all of the fabrics for the samples with the brown coat as her favorite. She loves the casual color mixed with the traditional tailored look and length giving it a perfect balance for every day wear. 

Ellen models with her favorite coat sample, the Plaid Peacoat with military details. 
Ellen, Style Consultant. 

Ellen one of the fresher faces in the studio but you wouldn't know it working with her. She's a fast learner and keeps on her toes, ready to guide you through your fittings and appointments. She's always ready to go as a true jet setter at heart, Ellen enjoys running out of the country at least once a year to satisfy her quench. 

Ellen played a large role in designing the details for our winter coat collection. Keeping in mind traditional styles, she opted for long lasting details to match up with our lasting quality. These coats aren't going to go out of style and will be personalized to you from fabric choice, contrasting details to length and fit; no two will ever be alike, much like our suits. 

Ellen's favorite pick is the paid peacoat. The plaid pattern catches her heart as a playfulness that matches with her personality. The military details keep the coat contemporary and less conservative with the contrasting color, pairing especially well with the bow tie. Although bow ties are more traditional, they are now seen as contemporary. Neck ties have been in mainstream work and play wear for the past few decades making them the "norm". It takes a special kind of man and skill to not only pull of a bow tie but also know how to tie a bow tie, especially when the bow tie has pigs on it. 

Want to be "that certain kind of special man" who knows how to tie a bow tie? 
Join us at our Style Workshop with oOoTie, the makers of that snazzy pig bow tie

*2 attendees will win a FREE Bow Tie of their choosing
*$25 off your next shirt order with purchase of a bow tie
*Have a drink on us, join us for that Winter warmer drink - whiskey

Interested in a custom winter coat for yourself or as a gift? Want to drop-in our bow tie event? Contact us at info@9tailors.com 

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