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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Spring 2014 Trends to Avoid

Now that you have the gist of what's coming when the days begin to warm up without plummeting two days later, here's what you should avoid.

Meggings, source: chaos-mag

Meggings, Men's Leggings.

They are as bad as they sound. Men have been wearing leggings for a few years now - under athletic shorts for additional warmth in the winter. That's about it and it should not extend beyond that. It's bad enough when women wear leggings as though they are pants with crop tops, exposing the world to horrendous misfitting and the poor visions that go along with them (camel toe). Same thing goes for men, you do not need to flaunt your package in such a manner, it's distracting and unflattering. Even the painfully tight skinny jeans some men insist on wearing can be a bit too revealing, but at least those have the thickness of stretch denim. Whereas, meggings, leaves nothing to the imagination. Just no. 

Camoflauge cargo shorts, source: GQ
Camouflage - Use Caution

This trend has consistently come and gone and unlike double breasted jackets, it's not a refreshing break and it doesn't get any better with every come back. Camouflage was invented by the French during World War I. Painters, illustrators and fashion designers were put in the front lines to paint and change soldier's uniforms to blend in. They were called "camofleurs", meaning "to disguise". 

Designers think that changing the colors from greens, browns and neutrals - the colors they are supposed to be - makes them fashionable because it's doing the exact opposite of its intended us by drawing attention to the wearer. But is it good attention or is it just early 90's middle school bad attention? Yes, changing the color of a pattern can make it more attractive and wearable. However, this does not usually apply to obnoxiously loud colors that want to be neon. If they do, it's hunting season and not so much runway ready. Should fashion really be playing with something that was invented as a safety precaution against enemies and accidental shooting while hunting with Dick Cheney?

Camouflage done right, source: imperfectlydistinguished
This does not at all meant that camouflage should not be worn fashionably, just use sparingly. Don't deck yourself out in head to camouflage to go to the grocery store. Use it as accents or a single statement piece. The purple in the cargo pants above is a nice color combination because it is not changing every color. The purple acts as an accent color, bringing it to life. Just maybe not as cargo shorts or cargo shorts paired with a pinstripe blazer - it looks like the wearer is trying too hard.

Raf Simons Spring 2014, source:style

The slightest difference in length can change the type of shirt you are wearing - cropped, normal, long/tunic -- and then there's dress. What is shown above becomes a dress and not so much a tunic. Now, don't get me wrong - I love my androgynous friends and drag queens. But, this is not for every day street wear unless it fits your lifestyle. In which case, this would not be a trend for you but already part of your wardrobe as a staple. Those who would like to look at this for a trend, I would advise against it. This is not a tunic, this is a dress. If you would like to try the tunic trend anyways, be sure the length falls below the butt but not so far as mid-thigh.

Ermenegildo Zegna/Lanvin/Giorgio Armani, source:arizonafoothillsmag

Loose Suits

Just as men were finally getting comfortable with the idea of a form fitting suit that flatters their figure, the runways roll out with these. Loose fitting suits from the 80s. If you want your suit to look more fluid with your movement, opt for a higher thread count like Giorgio Armani's on the right. Otherwise, you do not need to gliding through the wind as you walk (although that does sound like fun, it's not very work appropriate). Stick with flattering form fitting suits. They will last you much longer than a seasonal suit trend that you will want to get tailored after a month of wearing it. 

And remember, nothing says a grown man like looking as though you're a toddler dressing up in your father's suits. ;-)

Interested to become more fashion forward but need some guidance to keep an appropriate balance for work? Want your suits to be a little bit more playful without going over the top? Feeling adventurous with your wardrobe and want to step it up a bit? Contact a style consultant at info@9tailors.com

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