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Saturday, February 1, 2014

February is Here! You Know What That Means..

Ah Valentines Day. The day where you are either in a panic in what to get for your significant other or you just use as an excuse to eat chocolates. But what about yourself? Why not treat yourself to a little extra love? Our expert style consultants aide you in achieving the look your going for with the desired colors and details. We ensure your look doesn't go overboard and keeping a balanced overall look. 

Start with the basics - White Shirts
A well fitting basic white shirt is something every man should have in his closet. It goes with everything and instantly cleans up your look. Keep it from being too plain by adding touches of color or pattern. 

9tailors Custom White Shirts, center shirt with contrast inner color and monogram. 9tailors knotted cuff links framing the shirts with a Jegman tie. 

Dress Your Blazer or Suit with a Pocket Square
Don't leave your suit looking bare and naked, bring it to life with a touch of color or pattern. Pocket squares break up full suits, keeping it from looking too plain or overwhelmingly-ordinary. If you are wearing a traditional gray or navy suit, a pocket square is the perfect way to subtly bring your suit to life without wearing a loud tie or shirt. Its the right amount of effort and sophistication that says "I know what I'm doing, while looking good doing it". 

9tailors silk pocket squares

Mix It Up with Colored and Patterned Shirts
If this is new territory for you, start off with a check or plaid shirt. They are different from the ordinary stripped shirts that you see everywhere and add a little bit more life to it with more color and design. They pair really well with casual blazers or making a suit a bit more fashion forward.

If you're not one for patterns, there's always the solid colored shirts that isn't your traditional blue. Try something bolder or with tiny patterns that aren't noticeable until standing closely by...which is what you want anyways. And don't forget, no one ever looks bad with a bow tie, especially ones with bicycles on it. 

Loving 9tailors custom shirts paired with OoOtie bowties

Need help dressing for your date? Not sure what to wear when meeting the significant other's friends and family? Want to experiment with patterns and different colors but not sure how to? Contact a style consultant at info@9tailors.com. We would love to work with you ;-)

Actual Client, Dan Foley, knows how to dress to get his date. He's wearing a 9tailors custom light purple gingham shirt under a 9tailors suit, using colorful matching socks and a 9tailors silk pocket square to top everything off. 

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