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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mystery Married Style Consultant Revealed!

Tomorrow night is the night for first loves, long loves and those awkward ones where you don't want to call them your love, but you have romantic feelings for that person you've been hanging out with, but are unsure of how they feel. So, you just kind of like them... and hope they like you back. 

source: Emily McDowell

So rare are the days where you get it right on your first try and don't need to learn the rules or games of the dating world. Luckily, there are still modern love stories that are reminiscent of past times with love at first sight and no awkward exes. 

Meet our beloved Style Consultant and Alterations Manager, Karly. 
A sweetheart from the South with a romantic love story to match the tender love that is associated with a Southern Gentleman. 

Her Love Story:

It was her Junior year in High School when Karly began working at the local coffee shop, Convenant Coffee. Her days were filled with making caramel mochas and peanut butter mochas, better than any other place around. A fun after school job with her fellow co-worker, Shane. Shane didn't go to the same high school as Karly and only talked during work while serving strawberry and cream cheese croissants. Karly had a crush on Shane, but didn't know how he felt about her. So, she never made a move. 

Her crush became dormant as she went to college in Nebraska and he remained in North Carolina for his studies. Little did they know, they thought of each other. 

Thank goodness for Thanksgiving and being home for the holidays. All was not lost. Shane asked Karly out over the long weekend and began a long distance relationship by the time Christmas came. After her first year away in Nebraska, she transferred colleges back to North Carolina. Home is where the hear is. Karly knew he was the one once they were together again. 

Shane designed Karly's engagement ring. He carved it out of wax and had it casted before popping the question. 

His Proposal:
"He's a little bit of a joker. I was kind of expecting it but didn't know when. Of course, he wanted it to be a surprise. We went out to dinner as a week late birthday dinner for me. We went to the restaurant where we had our first date in downtown Charlotte. When we got to downtown, there was a really big 7 - 10 story parking deck. There are spots everywhere but he continues to go up to the roof deck and then we have to go all the way down for dinner. There was no one else for the top 7 stories, it was completely desolate. After dinner we walk around and I'm wondering if he was trying to lead me somewhere. But it begins to rain. So, we go back to the car. We get to the car and tries to start it but it won't start. I thought he was joking but it really wasn't starting. He went to the front of the car, under the hood to check the engine. He sends me to the driver seat to try starting it again and still nothing. He has me come around to the front of the car to help him. So, I walk over to look under the hood and then he got down on one knee. 

He set up the whole thing. He pulled something out to prevent it from starting so I could help him with the engine and just put it back in afterwards so we could get out of the rain. He had a cheesy song mix prepared for our ride back. Everything was wedding related, it was really funny. Some of the stuff was really nice but then there were some horribly corny ones" 

Shane and Karly's Wedding Picture

It only took Shane two years to propose with a walk down the aisle eight months later! By this coming May, they will have been married for a solid four years. 

Their Secret:
Karly and Shane have similar personalities and balance each other out in different ways. Also, they are both really creative. They like to make their gifts for one another instead of defaulting to buying something. It keeps them constantly thinking of one another and new ways to keep things exciting. 

And they're living happily ever after...

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