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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Holiday Season is Officially Over and so is Engagement Season!

Valentine's Day is over, marking the end of the holiday season which somewhere along the way, turned into proposal season. Holiday season used to equate to spending, gift giving, stuffing your faces and making resolutions that will end before the season does. Now, it's also been marked as proposal season. Facebook news feeds are flooded with lifetime events of getting engaged, commercials are all about jewelry and plans are made months in advance for how you're going to 'pop the question'. 

source: reddit

I love working with wedding parties. It is exciting to see what everyone is doing to make their day special and impressive to see how far in advance they're getting their suits done, usually it's towards the end of the list. Men are stepping up their game a year in advance and getting their fittings done around the time the bride has picked out her dress. With that said, the holiday season should not become engagement season. It takes away the surprise and puts too much pressure on whomever is proposing to make it extra special and stand out from the rest of the glittering lights in the snow.

The most common reactions are drinking a bottle of wine before logging onto facebook or just deleting facebook all together. In contrast, some brides prefer not to have their engagement occur during the holidays. It sets up failure for next year's holiday gift, what can be better than getting engaged?

Unless the date or time of year is actually special to you and your significant other, there should not be additional pressure to put a ring on it. Propose because it's the right time, not just because it's 'that time of year'. 

If you participated in engagement season, then you should keep in mind that a lot of other people did, too. Meaning, you have to start looking at venues, photographers and wedding planners sooner than later. Let the catch up game, begin! 

source: papermoonweddings

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