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Friday, February 21, 2014

Snow, Rain, Puddles - LifeHack to Keep Your Shoes Happy

It's a relief to have a day or two without a wintry mix (rain and snow), the temperatures are warming up and it feels like Spring compared to last week. Mother Nature will not stop toying with us and keeps us on our toes. Whether we are slipping on ice or leaping over puddles, our shoes have taken a serious beating this Winter and it isn't over yet. 

Bill Cunningham for New York Times

If you've just shinned your shoes in hopes of reviving them before they're completely dead, you're not going to want to see the all the polish wash off because you slipped into a puddle. 

Not many men will wear a pair of street shoes to their office and carry their nice wingtip shoes in a bag with them like many women do. If you insist on wearing your lovely professional shoes out in snowy or rainy weather, you must take precautions. 

source: iloveurtop

The rubber shoe covers aren't the most attractive thing but they also aren't the worst. They are practical and and keep your shoe protected and clean while you are in the office without having to change shoes when you leave for your lunch break. They are not obnoxiously loud and actually look decent while you're walking around. One of our clients came in with these the other day. I didn't even realize he was wearing them until he took them off to reveal perfectly polished shoes. The best part? They're inexpensive! You can find them on amazon. It's just smart. 

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