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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Congratulations to Our Beautiful Bride Clients, Dana & Alexis!

Women wearing menswear inspired fashion has always been a trend, it comes and goes every year, highlighting different aspects. Some designers focus on an over-sized blazer, others like the look classic look of a white button down with tailored pants, other designers don't even consider the suits and just go for the military inspired pea coats. For this blog post, we are showing you how two of our beautiful brides went for menswear attire for their nuptials instead of just one of them wearing a suit and the other wearing a dress. 

Meet our Beautiful Brides, Dana Lyford & Alexis Schuette

Dana Lyford in her custom wedding vest and custom pants. 

Name: Dana Lyford

Age: 27

Wedding Date: October 5, 2013

Current Residence: Newton, MA

Occupation: Non-Profit Operations

How Long Have You Been a 9tailors Client? 8 Months

Why Choose Custom? 
Alexis and I chose to go the custom route after realizing how difficult it was to find affordable formal wear for women who don't necessarily fit into typical gender norms. The menswear you can find in stores wouldn't quite fit our feminine shapes, so we decided custom was the way to go. We had read good things about 9tailors and loved that the office was full of women who would understand that our bodies weren't shaped like men!

Alexis Schuette in her custom vest

What Was Your Favorite Memory From Your Wedding Day?
My favorite memory from our wedding day has to be that amazing feeling when you first get intorduced as a married couple and walk into the reception to every person that you love cheering for you. That feeling was so intoxicating, I think it will always be my favorite memory!

Describe Your Wedding Style
I feel like this is a little tough to explain because our wedding was very non-traditional and didn't really have a very intentional style. However, it was just at the beginning of Fall and we decided to really let the season be our theme. So, everything was very Autumnal and outdoorsy. 

Our loving brides in their custom wedding suits. Each suit tailored to their specific curves and needs to make them look their best and just the way they envisioned on their Autumn wedding day. 

What's Your Best Style Advice to "Grooms"?
Ha, well I'll take give my best advice to fellow gay ladies who are considering a custom suit! Don't hesitate to go the custom route, it's worth every dollar to be 100% comfortable on your wedding day. Don't worry about what a traditional suit looks like and try to make yourself look the way you think you should. Look the way you want and just be yourself! And when it's all said and done, get yourself some sexy shoes to compliment your suit!

It was such an exciting process to work with these two beautiful ladies. We love it when women come in looking for a menswear style suit and are able to add their feminine charm to it! If you want to know how to make a custom men's suit into a woman's menswear-inspired garment, contact a style consultant at info@9tailors.com. We love our bride-groom couples! 

Wedding photographed by Andrew San / 515-745-3770 / andrewsanphoto@gmail.com

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