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Friday, March 7, 2014

Floral Bow Ties and Floral Pocket Squares, Oh My!

The days are finally feeling warmer and the notion of Spring being around the corner is more of a reality than a fantasy. 

Transitioning your winter wardrobe to a spring wardrobe can be daunting for some, especially for those who don't have an extensive one. A simple way to start is with accessories, pocket squares and bow ties. Bow ties are more playful and evokes a lighter spirit than neck ties do. Neck ties can weigh an outfit down because it automatically draws attention downward. Bow ties draw attention upwards to your sparkling smile, ready and waiting to charm. 

Splashes of color and/or pattern brings darker winter solid colors to life without staying in dark colors or jumping head first into brighter colors before the weather is right. Start with the classics before you venture to bolder colors and patterns. Florals will always in fashion during the warmer seasons, it's how you wear it that will keep you in vogue. 

Our studio is getting ready for Spring with the help of new furniture and our little garden is blossoming...

9tailors Spring Floral Bow Ties & Pocket Squares

If you're not quite ready to experiment with bow ties, pocket squares are a safe bet. They are beautifully understated and changes the mood of your suit in an instant. 

Interested in trying on one of our new floral bow ties or pocket squares with your suit? Want help transitioning into spring? Need a lighter suit for warmer days coming? Contact a style consultant at info@9tailors.com 

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