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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Debunking the Myth of Strictly Casual Khaki

As you know, 9tailors now carries Khaki suits. Not just in the infamous khaki color but also in sand, wheat, mocha, slate, olive and black. But I think we should debunk the myth that khaki suits can only be worn for casual occasions. During the sweltering summer months cotton can be a life saver during more formal outdoor events. Here are some ways to wear cotton khaki suits that wont limit you.

Check out the pockets on this guy. Add a ticket pocket to your 9tailors suit and it will destroy the notion khaki is casual. The sophisticated style of the suit, pocket square, and tie bar make it fitting for summer weddings or a night out on the town.
Here is a great example of a khaki look for work. Not just for Fridays, khaki that looks this good can be worn all week. Looking sharp with a blue shirt and blue tie he pulls the look together with dark brown shoes.

Think of all the bonuses! This suit can be worn with any color shoe, no clashing of brown and black here. Choose black for more formal events or during the evening and brown for during the day. The pants can also be worn separately and the jacket looks great with jeans. Now you have 3 looks in one.

Contact a style consultant here to build yourself a suit to set you apart from all those wool suits running around. Email us at info@9tailors.com if you have any questions or would like some more information.

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