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Monday, May 16, 2011

Deciphering the Dress Code

Ranging from formal to casual, wedding attire can be puzzling. Much of the time the only hint guests are given is a tiny phrase at the bottom of the invitation that indicates the dress code. Formal, semi-formal, smart casual, casual, and any other combination of these phrases may be the only guideline given. Clearly, without a firm grip on the definition of these terms they do you no good. So, here is a guide on how to decipher the invitations dress code descriptors.

Black Tie: The fanciest of the bunch, nothing less than a tuxedo here. Tradition says no tuxedos before 5pm but as traditions evolve a tux during the day should be fine given the dress code is formal.

Black Tie Optional: This is a slightly more casual form of black tie. A tuxedo should be worn if you have it, but those gentlemen without one in their closet should wear a nice dark suit with a clean crisp shirt and a conservative tie.

Semi-formal: This is probably where most weddings will fall. A suit and tie should be worn. No tuxedos necessary. Choose the color of your suit by the time of day and location. A beach wedding would call for lighter colors and lighter fabrics. A church wedding in the evening would call for wools and slightly darker colors.
Smart Casual: The wedding equivalent of business casual. It is on the more casual end of the spectrum, a nice button down and slacks should be worn. Please leave the jeans, no matter how nice and new at home. A blazer or sport coat also work and ties are optional.
Although rare, casual may be the order of the day for the wedding in question. We are all familiar with this type of dress. Most closely resembling your everyday wear although it is fairly rare for a wedding dress code. Jeans are technically acceptable as are shorts but to avoid being under dressed opt for a button down and some cotton slacks such as khakis or chinos.

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