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Friday, November 30, 2012

Meet Erica and Andrew!

What are your names?

Bride: Erica DeRosa
Groom: Andrew Teman

Where and when was the big day?

The big day was October 20th, 2012. We bought out Sam's, the restaurant above the Louis Boston building right down on Fan Pier overlooking the Boston Harbor.

How was the weather? Was your wedding indoors/outdoors?

When you plan a wedding for late October in Boston, you need to assume that it's going to be a blizzard and plan for the worst. We had great outdoor deck space to use, but just couldn't depend on it, so we planned for an all-indoor affair. By some miracle, it turned out to be 70 degrees (at night) and everyone was outside the entire time. It was fantastic.

Why did you decide to go with 9tailors on your own custom design?

I'm a slim guy, and I'm also not super tall. Off the rack suits just never had the right fit for me, and the idea of custom just seemed like the right thing to do for my big day. I had some co-worker friends (mainly Robinson Paul) that had been using 9tailors, and raved about the experience. So I just went for it.

Describe your 9tailors experience and items.

I did a three-piece, dark grey suit and custom white dress shirt. The experience was incredibly easy. Popped over to get measured at lunchtime one day, had a couple of other quick fittings, and walked out with an absolutely perfectly fitting set of items. The 9tailors staff was super helpful, always friendly, and I just immediately felt a trust with them, that put me at ease. I never worried once that the final product would be anything other than perfect.

What was the best part of your wedding day?

I can't say there was one moment that carried the day. The entire thing was amazing. Nothing really prepares you for how much fun your wedding is going to be. Having all of the people that are important to you in one place, drinking, eating, dancing and celebrating together, is incredible. And to share it all with the perfect companion (Erica obviously), I couldn't have asked for anything better.

What is your advice to other wedding couples thinking about designing custom suits or shirts?

Don't even consider off-the-rack. Your wedding day is about you, and everything that happens that day should be customized to your tastes. So why get a standard suit or tux from the store? Going custom allows you to have something that demonstrates your individual style and ensures that you'll feel like a million bucks on wedding day. And the fit...it'll feel like you were born in the suit.

Choose your favorite photo and tell us why.

The shots in front of the Os Gemeos mural in Dewey Square all ended up looking so amazing. The silhouette picture though, that only has our shadows against the mural, is super cool. The colors, the light, the moment. And it's a testament to our photographer (OhKarina) that one of the best shots of us, doesn't technically have us in it!

*All the beautiful photos courtesy of OhKarina Photography

Engaged? Take Andrew's advice,  "Your wedding day is about you, and everything that happens that day should be customized to your tastes." Email a Style Consultant at info@9tailors.com today and begin to plan the suit you'll wear on the best day of your life.

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